COVID Guidelines

Client Guidelines and Requirements

Curbside Check-In

Please wait for your stylist to come outside and greet you.

Mask Required

We have disposable masks available.

Appointments Only

We will allow only a single client with a scheduled appointment in, no additional guests.

Wellness Only

Please do not enter if you are feeling unwell. Contact us right away if you are not well, we will be waiving our normal cancellation policy to keep our environment protected. Fever, coughing, sneezing, or similar, please reschedule. If we notice this happening during your appointment, we will ask that you leave for everyone's safety.

No Outside Beverage Or Food Items

Cell Phone Sanitization

We will put your cell phone in a UV sanitizer for 5 minutes upon entering, then you can have for remainder of your appointment.

Stylist and Salon Guidelines

We will be masked at all times and have gloves on most of the time while we are working on you.
We will be sanitizing in between each client with disinfectants and UV sanitizing machines.
We will be eliminating blow-drys (for the time being) in an effort to keep the air from overcirculating in the small space.
We will have an air purifier running continuously and the back door will be open to allow in fresh air.
There will not be magazines. Please bring along a book or your favorite knitting project.
We will be of total service to you - bringing you any item you may need from us. Tea and water will be delivered. This ensures our tea bar will stay properly sanitized but you can still sit with a warm mug in hand.